Saturday, July 4, 2009

it's quite a long time( a week je pun. hahaha) since the last post added in my blog. actually i dnt hv any best story to be told to u all. n i dnt know what i'm going to share wth u all this week. em, by the way, in this coming week(next week la) i'll be leaving for BTN(biro tatanegara) camp for the whole week.. n perhaps, the camp would make me feel very tired. according to my frend (ihsan-russian prgrme student), who attended BTN few weeks ago, in the camp we will be going to hv 2 tests. the tsts would be the physical n written tst. basically in the physical tst, we will be tested on our stamina, physical n mental strength.but 4 the writtn tst, i dont hav any idea what the test would be. mayb it's on patriotism n history. n hopefully that the camp could brings any good to me n all the participants especially on patriotism n nationalism.
Serve 4 nation!!