Thursday, April 29, 2010

Its too hot out there~


Its been a while since the last entry written in this blog.. The last thing i'd mentioned in this blog is about the Malays~ thats a little bit racist i guess. But i'm not actually. thats just my point of view. thats all. nothing more than that~ And now, in this post i think i would like to share some opinion on todays problem regarding Global warming~

Does global warming really harm us??
Doesnt it bring any good to us??

My lecturer used to say that global warming isnt really bring harm to the ecosystem..
It turns out that the global warming does increase the rate of photosynthesis. so if global warming does increase the rate of photosynthesis so it must've increase the rate of crop production!! in the worst case scenario the total crop production is not going to change at all and if it does change, it might be a slight increase for about 5%  in the total crop production which mean its not really a bad news.
so guys, what are your opinion regarding this problem??

hahahaha... the answer relies deep in yourself. Go find the truth about it by yourself. Just like my lecturer said, i quoted back " Dont trust me... and dont trust the media either... ". The only thing that i can say here is  Global Warming does bring good to us... chillax!

Just a little fact from me.. the rest go find and read about it~
*banyak lag fact sebenarnya.. cuma malas nak type.. hahaha*

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I am racist not~

Malay... Thats my race... I'm proud to be a malay.. But do the youngsters out there proud as i do?? Hmm... perhaps they do and perhaps they dont and the worst case is they totally forgot who they are... its a sadness for me to see malays youngsters playing truant in the supermarket during school day, 'remp-it'ing like a crazy stuntman on highway and many more non-benefiting activities that i think u guys in Malaysia should know better than me coz currently i'm not in the country~ its like duh~
Besides i think malays youngsters nowadays are more like trying to make themselves going with the flow of time but sadly they had mistakenly understood bout what is the actual meaning of 'going with the flow of time'~ *its meaning??? go find it urself la.. no spoon feeding oke? haha~*

Enough of english talkin'...

Hmm.. last word from me... sedarlah wahai anak bangsaku, rakan-rakan seperjuanganku.. kita semua ni aset negara bai. Bakal peneraju pimpinan masa hadapan. kalau kita sendiri da hanyut, leka macam mana dengan generasi-generasi muda masa depan??? Fikir-fikirlah demi kemerdekaan negara, demi perjuangan Bangsa dan demi kecintaan terhadap Agama kita~

Okelah aku merepek banyak-banyak kat sini pun tak guna jugak sebab yang kat luar tuh tetap kat luar.. Tak de haram jadahnye diorang nak masuk baca blog aku nih.. Its like once in the blue moon dude! hahahaha~ Its juz a gentle reminder for myself actually~  =D

pesanan- aku bukan racist~ peace! Salam 1Malaysia!

Friday, April 2, 2010


Al-Fatihah buat arwah Mior Ahmad Fuad Badri atau lebih terkenal dengan nama Din Beramboi setelah kembalinya beliau ke Rahmatullah~
Innalillahi wainnailaihi raji3un~
Semoga Roh beliau dicucuri Rahmat dan ditempatkan dalam kalangan Hamba2Nya yang beriman~


Kini tiada lagi penghibur budak2 Jordan~  :(

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Winter goes away as spring shows its flower~

The spring is here. After 3months of cold n freeze, now finally i can see the beauty of Jordan..  wahahaha~*excited giler*

Talking about beauty, it is quite a subjective matter rite? depending on people. some might says, " wow, it's so damn  beautiful!" and some other might says " beautiful?? i cant see where is the beauty tht u've said just now~ "... haha~ but if all people keep saying wow this n wow tht  but u are the only one who says it isnt, so, guess who might be the problematic one? self thinking oke? no offense to anybody~huhu~

oke, enough of nonsense talking. As i've been informed, spring in jordan would last until mid of June. which mean this whole second semester would totally in the bloom of flowers! *betul ke ayat aku nih?* *btw, i'm not mat bunga oke? *
one more thing to add. This semester would be much more challenging than before~ So need to study harder n smarter~ Just wish me a very3 gud luck kay?

hah, tu jela utk entri kali ini. malas da nk tulis dlm english~ huhu~ 
Semoga kawan2 ku di Jordan menikmati musim bunga ini dengan penuh kesyukuran sbelum Soifi tiba~ Adioz!