Thursday, February 25, 2010

Its just a dream! o perhaps not~

Matlamat, cita-cita, impian, angan-angan, arah tujuan. They are all basically the same things. oh thats on my way of view. for others, i just dont know what are their interpretations towards these words. mayb they look at those words just like any other words with nothing special in it. haha. *but i'm starting to wonder are these words special to me???* ahhhh, perhaps not~ lets just forget about it~

okeyh, on this latest entry basically i wanna write about my 'matlamat' for this year. oh ya, maybe its just too late for me to blog about my so called 'matlamat' coz its already the end of february! haha. but who cares? ~i dont~ 

oke, these are my targets for this year~

1) Becoming one of the deanlist receivers. Anugerah Dekan tu beb, sape xnak!

2) Going back to my beloved country Malaysia!! nak jumpa emak n abah~aku tau ayat ini sangat bajet. tap biarkan~ :P

3)Getting myself a brand new DSLR- nikon d90 perhaps(?) 

4)Shopping just like those shopaholics. T-shirts, shoes, shirts, jumpers and not to forget a BRAND NEW CAP( coz my cap lost on my early days in Jordan- sedih2. hadiah tu beb)~ Brand ape? tu pikir sendiri la ye. Klu skater cam aku ni rase2nye banyak je brand kan?

Nike Zoom Stefan Janoski-SB shoe. Akan ku cari mende alah ni kat Jordan dulu- kalau xde baru aku cari kat Malaysia~

5)Replacing my old skateboard wth a new one. Gonna jump again into this skateboarding field after many years of retirement. ceyh, gua cakap cam penah jadi pro-skater plak.~haha Perhaps i'm gonna search for a new deck in Amman, Jordan. Hopefully there will be many brands to choose from especially from Elements~

Nampak jambu tap style oke~ Mike V Edition beb~
Gonna get this deck so soon~Hopefully~

oke, i know its like so girlish posting this kind of post~ but the main point i want to share with you guys is I'M GONNA MAKE MY COMEBACK IN THE SKATEBOARDING ARENA SO SOON!!!
haha~And perhaps i will be the first malay skateboarder in Jordan. hahahahaha~


1)kepada skateboarders di luar sna, ana nak mintak tunjuk ajar la ye. almaklumla da lama tak berkecimpung dalam arena ni. Rasenye da dekat 5 tahun ana xpegang ini kayu~huhu

2)Its just not a dream oke. Dream can become reality if we know how to achieve it~ I'm not daydreaming~

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Journey to the...~last episode~

This perhaps my last post that i want to share with you guys about my journey to Syria, Turkey and Switzerland~Enjoy~
Pics while i was in Switzerland last winter break~



Brig to Verbier

Verbier- The place i went for 

Norweigian guys- They're so cool! haha~

Skilift- Unforgettable experience!

Grindelwald, First Region- cilok gambar qon~haha

Yeah, snowboarding!!! =P

After 9 days of tiredness and endurance journey in Switzerland, me along with friends, qon, luq n nua went back to Istanbul,Turkey~ 

Thats all from me regarding my journey to Syria, Turkey and Switzerland.
Other pics have already been uploaded to my facebook account.
If you guys want to read the chronological events in my journey you guys can visit my housemates blogs~
these are the links:-

The first blog mainly about the chronological events happened during the journey. Where as the other two just have the pics about the journey. Hope you guys enjoy! 
Meet again in the next journey which i dont know where to go yet~haha


Friday, February 19, 2010


These are some pics taken during last visit to Istanbul~ Enjoy~

pic 1-Istanbul waktu pagi
pic 2-Masjid Biru
pic 3-Istanbul in snow~best2
pic 4-Fountain in front of the Blue Mosque
pic 5-Topkapi Palace
pic 6-Haghia Sophia/Aya Sophia
pic 7-Aya Sophia at night
pic 8-me at Antakya, Turkey

pesananakukatkorangsuma- sape2 yang nak pergi honeymoon boleh datang istanbul ni.. memang romantik wa cakap sama lu~hahahahaha~

next post- Switzerland...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Habis sudah cuti semester 1~

Finally i managed to get home after a fortnight and two days of journey in europe. Well, frankly, i feel very2 tired and exhausted~haha~ tap walau ape pun pengalaman berada di Syria, Turki dan Switzerland memang xkan dapat dilupakan. Memang best!! Kat sini aku nak cerita sikit pasal tempat-tempat yang aku sempat pergi~

-Damascus, Syria-

-Klu kat Dimashq/Damsyik tu lebih kurang Irbid je. Tap jauh lebih besar and udara agak tercemar sikit~hahaha. Jujur neh~
-Stay kat Syria  tak lame. Just as transit place before heading to turkey~
-so tak banyak yang boleh dicertakan pasal Syria nih~haha
-But a week before i arrived in syria there was a snow in dimashq~i'm just too late~haha

-Istanbul, Turkey-

-Tempat yang sgt best klu nak bershopping~Recommended!!
-People here mostly can speak english so there will be no language barrier among tourists and locals.
-Price here is negotiable~ Kalau pandai dapatla murah~haha~
-Ade SNOW!!! Boleh main ski and snowboard kat Bursa dengan harga yang lebih murah dari Swiss~
-Makanan klu nak dibandingkan ngan malaysia agak mahal~
-Kalau nak dibandingkan ngan Jordan plak memang sikit!! Jordan is one of the place to go besides Malaysia to look for food!!!hahaha
-The city of Istanbul especially in Sultanahmet is very clean~
-Places of interest in Istanbul is guarded by dogs!! but no worries becoz the dogs wont bite you~hahaha~
-Banyak Bar and Pubs~ tap aku tak masukla~ huhu
-Ada Masjid Biru, Haghia Sophia, Makam Sultan Muhamad Al-Fatih, Grand Bazaar dan banyak lagi~
-Tempat yang sesuai klu nak menghabiskan duit kat Istanbul ni adalah Grand Bazaar~ Coz there are wide variety of goods and souvenirs including watches, key chains and gold!!
-Kat Istanbul ni ada sistem Tram yang canggih macam kat Swiss, Germany dan France~

-One of the most well known ski area among pro's.
-Maybe becoz of its challenging pistes
-The place that i went for snowboarding. Orang norway pun terkejut tgk beginner cam aku n member2 aku maen kat Verbier ni sebab normally ni piste untk pro, not for beginners like us~hahaha
-Border of three nations- Switzerland, Italy and France.
-One of the Alps
-One of the most beautiful scenery in Swiss~
-And not to forget, the place is far away from the city so it's quite calm and away from city's hustle and bustle~

-The place where Matterhorn is located
-only electric car are allowed in this place~ very eco-friendly!!
-very beautiful place to visit
-but things here is expensive as well. as it is located up above the alps~

-located between two lakes
-Jungfraujoch (Top Of europe) is located in tis place.
-A best place to go if u want to buy a swiss knife and watches
-lots of watches sold here. From a very well known one to a common one- Tissot, Omega,Casio, Police and etc~
-I like this place the most than any other place in switzerland
-Mayb because its mesmerizing view and away from city's hustle and bustle~

-A very good place for a shopaholic!!
-Lots of branded things sold here- Louis Vuiton, Omega, Tissot. And of course its very3 expensive!!!
-Nice place to visit also

-Tempat ni ade Embassy of Malaysia. Tapi aku malas nak pergi ~segan~hahaha
-There's a lake with a very beautiful view in Geneva.
- A never to miss place to visit in Geneva is the highest fountain in the world- Jet d' eau
-There are many museums here~

-Tempat yang pertama kami sampai di swiss.
-Airport dye terletak antara tiga negara- Switzerland, Germany and France
-Kat sini kitorang terjumpa dengan seorang engineer HP dari Belgium berketurunan Arab UAE. He treat us with he's cooking. A very nice guy. He said that we as muslims are brothers. He also said that in 30 or 40 years we may hear azan in switzerland and all over the europe as long as we keep ourself unite! Unity is the key for Islam to conquer the world again! As did by Muhammad Rasulullah, Sultan Muhammad Al-Fatih and Salahuddin Al-Ayubi! InsyaAllah~

Generally, Switzerland is a very nice place to visit with its friendly locals and many interesting places to visits~ And lots of snow too!!!name pun alps~hahaha~
Kalau Turkey tu aku suggest kan untuk orang yang baru kahwin coz suasana kat sana memang romantik~hahahahaha~

Setelah berkelana hampir 2minggu dan 2 hari aku pun pulang ke tempat aku sepatutnya berada~Irbid ya Habaibi!!! hahahaha~
Rindu makanan yang banyak di jordan ni~

And for the pics i'll upload it later in he next post~xpun bleh visit my profile kat facebook~
In Geneva