Wednesday, July 29, 2009!

A scene in harry potter: half blood prince- huhu

Wow, what a great day today!It's really2 fun to watch a movie (Harry Potter-Half blood prince) n hang out with some old friends of my. Haha. The movie itself is quite good n enjoyable to watch although the plot is seems to be a little bit slow and not action-packed (consider gud la, oke?? haha). However, the most enjoyable moment today isn't the movie that we had watch, but the moment when i got the chance to meet again with some of my ex-colleagues of Form5Stp08 and its like a small reunion too! haha.. To Zulfadhli, Idafi Al-Amin, Fakhrur Razi and Abrar, i really hope that we can meet and hang out again somewhere in the future.. C u guyz again next time!!

Maas Salamah!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

its 'cuti' time!!!

what??? intec kene ttp smggu?? h1n1?? pergh, bahaya seyh. strt hr jumaat hr tu intec kene ttp selama seminggu kerana h1n1, tap xtaula sape yg +ve tu. yg past bkn aku or kwn2 aku. hrap2 bgtulah. huhu. selama smggu ni aku xpast nk wat pe. xde plan or any rncgn lag. mayb nk pg bndr melaka nk wat akaun HSBC. em, mayb not. perhaps i'll juz stay in home, avoiding any contct wth other people (juz a way to prevent h1n1 virus infecting me la. =P). whats more importnt is i'll try to spend this whole week of 'cuti' together wth my family here, in my home. huhu..

hope that my family members, relatives, frenz, teachers n lectrers always in gud health and far away from any disease. Amin...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

flight time changed!

My flight time has been changed! I'm will not going to fly on this august but will fly on the mid of sept which is around +/- 14th sept 2009. This is becoz, JPA wants all Middle East Progrmme's students fly together. Including the MARA n MinDef students. Although my flight time has been delayed but i still got no chance to celebrate Aidilfitri here coz Raya starts on 20th of sept. huhu. pity me.. But its ok, i can still have a 2/3 Ramadhan with my family here. Alhamdulillah...

p/s: mud, xdapatla aku g rumah ko Raya ni. Sorry.. huhuhu.

Friday, July 17, 2009

countin' days to go...

The time goes on and on. And without bein' realize it has been two months since the first time i step my feet on INTEC's land. what??? 2 months already??? That means i only have another 1 month to spend here, in Malaysia!!! What a short term! By the way, although the time for me to be in Malaysia isnt as long as other prep studnts i'm very thankful to Allah for giving me the chance to further my study. Then, next month, InsyaAllah, i'll further my study along with my comrades to another part of the world, to the land of prophets which is Jordan..huh..

And not to forget, to all my ex-classmates of form5stp08 hope that we can strive excellenity together. Together we success, together we conquer the world!!!! Yeah!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

haaa... i'm here at last. after a week of btn now i in home, again(kat melaka bkn kat INTEC.huhu). now i juz want to hav a rest.(but not R.I.P ya huhu). i juz want to hav an adequate sleep+xtra sleep for last week.huhu.=P. but b4 i go to sleep i want to share something with u all or perhaps with all Malaysians.huhu( hyperbola giler). What i want to share here is about UNITY. UNITY makes the country strong and and can go through any obstacle as easy as ABC. The analogy is simple. its like a house. If poles that support the house fall, then the house will destroy. so as the things inside the house. but do we know what makes the house and poles to fall??? do we ever think about it before??? its all becoz of the FOUNDATION. if the foundation that supports the house is not as tough as we think, what will happen to the house?? the house will totally collapse rite??? so what I'm going to implement today is we need to develop unity and not hatred among ourselves. without UNITY we are nothing. we can do anything if we UNITE(but never go against the law. oke??huhu) As long as we unite we can have a peaceful and great life here, in MALAYSIA.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

it's quite a long time( a week je pun. hahaha) since the last post added in my blog. actually i dnt hv any best story to be told to u all. n i dnt know what i'm going to share wth u all this week. em, by the way, in this coming week(next week la) i'll be leaving for BTN(biro tatanegara) camp for the whole week.. n perhaps, the camp would make me feel very tired. according to my frend (ihsan-russian prgrme student), who attended BTN few weeks ago, in the camp we will be going to hv 2 tests. the tsts would be the physical n written tst. basically in the physical tst, we will be tested on our stamina, physical n mental strength.but 4 the writtn tst, i dont hav any idea what the test would be. mayb it's on patriotism n history. n hopefully that the camp could brings any good to me n all the participants especially on patriotism n nationalism.
Serve 4 nation!!