Wednesday, July 29, 2009!

A scene in harry potter: half blood prince- huhu

Wow, what a great day today!It's really2 fun to watch a movie (Harry Potter-Half blood prince) n hang out with some old friends of my. Haha. The movie itself is quite good n enjoyable to watch although the plot is seems to be a little bit slow and not action-packed (consider gud la, oke?? haha). However, the most enjoyable moment today isn't the movie that we had watch, but the moment when i got the chance to meet again with some of my ex-colleagues of Form5Stp08 and its like a small reunion too! haha.. To Zulfadhli, Idafi Al-Amin, Fakhrur Razi and Abrar, i really hope that we can meet and hang out again somewhere in the future.. C u guyz again next time!!

Maas Salamah!!!


  1. my fwenz said dat
    diz movie is quite bored..
    do u agree??

  2. hahaha.. to be frank, the movie is quite boring to watch. perhaps ur frenz are rite. huhu..