Saturday, July 11, 2009

haaa... i'm here at last. after a week of btn now i in home, again(kat melaka bkn kat INTEC.huhu). now i juz want to hav a rest.(but not R.I.P ya huhu). i juz want to hav an adequate sleep+xtra sleep for last week.huhu.=P. but b4 i go to sleep i want to share something with u all or perhaps with all Malaysians.huhu( hyperbola giler). What i want to share here is about UNITY. UNITY makes the country strong and and can go through any obstacle as easy as ABC. The analogy is simple. its like a house. If poles that support the house fall, then the house will destroy. so as the things inside the house. but do we know what makes the house and poles to fall??? do we ever think about it before??? its all becoz of the FOUNDATION. if the foundation that supports the house is not as tough as we think, what will happen to the house?? the house will totally collapse rite??? so what I'm going to implement today is we need to develop unity and not hatred among ourselves. without UNITY we are nothing. we can do anything if we UNITE(but never go against the law. oke??huhu) As long as we unite we can have a peaceful and great life here, in MALAYSIA.


  1. haha...
    btol tue zam...
    unity is important...
    s0 cmne kem kau tue?
    msti pnat ek...
    mcm cmpg pgkp dlu...

  2. haha..
    actually xpnt sgt. cume kurg tdo jek.
    kem pengakap tu lag ar gler. xtdo lgsg aku..