Thursday, April 29, 2010

Its too hot out there~


Its been a while since the last entry written in this blog.. The last thing i'd mentioned in this blog is about the Malays~ thats a little bit racist i guess. But i'm not actually. thats just my point of view. thats all. nothing more than that~ And now, in this post i think i would like to share some opinion on todays problem regarding Global warming~

Does global warming really harm us??
Doesnt it bring any good to us??

My lecturer used to say that global warming isnt really bring harm to the ecosystem..
It turns out that the global warming does increase the rate of photosynthesis. so if global warming does increase the rate of photosynthesis so it must've increase the rate of crop production!! in the worst case scenario the total crop production is not going to change at all and if it does change, it might be a slight increase for about 5%  in the total crop production which mean its not really a bad news.
so guys, what are your opinion regarding this problem??

hahahaha... the answer relies deep in yourself. Go find the truth about it by yourself. Just like my lecturer said, i quoted back " Dont trust me... and dont trust the media either... ". The only thing that i can say here is  Global Warming does bring good to us... chillax!

Just a little fact from me.. the rest go find and read about it~
*banyak lag fact sebenarnya.. cuma malas nak type.. hahaha*


  1. sepatah haram pon aku tak paham!


  2. hahaha~ ala berd.. pasal Global warming yg Doc AlRababah ckp tuh~ kau mest paham en~ haha

  3. nice written.. like it.. i'm following you

  4. fatin- haha~ thanx~ will follow u back~

  5. mcm lecturer dah ak tgk kau.kahkah

  6. luke- hahaha~ lecturer aku si ri us mantap~