Wednesday, November 25, 2009

~THiNk, ThInK aNd ThINk~

I just wanna say this:
"Every man has his own point of view towards something. Perhaps its bad on the other person's view but perhaps its also as good as other person's view and opinion." 

By the way, not all good things for a man always good for everybody ...Think clearly and wisely before we make any judgement upon something. Never make any decision based on what our eyes see, but make the decision based on our knowledge. Be a wise thinker and used any evidence in the scene to conclude everything. The evidence never lies~~

*saje nak mengarut sorry~hahahaha*


  1. dalam bahasa inggelish dipanggil,
    "a person's meat is another man's poison"

    thank kiu... :p

  2. waaaaa~kau memang terbaekkkkk!!! (gaya nua) hahaha~