Sunday, November 22, 2009


Alhamdulillah... exam kali ni sudah pun berakhir. Next exam is  on 14/12/2009 which is 3 weeks from now. Last paper untuk exam kali ni ialah paper bio lab. untuk post kali ni aku nk bagitau keputusan aku yang biase2 je ni untuk dua paper yang terakhir (bio lab n english). huhuhu. =P

Biology (Practical) - 90/100 - The questions are much tougher than i expected. wat dalam mase 9mint je pun. Hmmmm...
English 112- 90/100 jgk - Markah yang agak rendah sebenarnye...huhuhu

For the time being, thats all from me. I dont have the mood for writting right now. what am i thinking right now is mainly about the holiday next week...hahahahaha. *mode- holiday* walaupun seminggu lagi nk cuti...huhu


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